Mushroom Age (PC game)

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Character voices for Mushroom Age, a PC game.

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look, there is This is a mushroom age. Amazing. In van 100 million years the earth will be ruled by mushrooms. This is a great scientific discovery. It means you need to be very careful. So you mean if it grows in the ground, I can eat it. But if it runs flies or jumps, I shouldn't touch it. Right. Ah, yuck. What? They're hit. Did you just water me with? Well, don't test anything else on me. That stuff is nasty and it will probably make me. Will you not toast? Who's talking to me? Where are you? It's us soul. He lapsed into his childhood. Tom, Do you like milkshakes? Don't Very Vera. I look after him. Allow me to start from the beginning. Surprised? Yes. I'm a mushroom. Here is a schematic diagram. I sketched this about 70 years ago, but then invented the helicopter. So I had to postpone work on the time machine. Really? Place. Just go home and went. I grew from a genetically mutated spore and I became more than just a mushroom. I became the uber mash room. Well, they should be. Oh, no, My nest is empty. Did you think I'd be that easy to deal with. It's time to teach you a lesson, Vera. I should thank you for opening my eyes. Take a have a good journey.