Dino Strike for Wii and Neverwinter Embalmer

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The first character is from Dino Strike for the Wii console. He's narrating the events in first person perspective. The second character is from a Neverwinter demo that might turn into an actual game later. He's the Embalmer.

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It was supposed to be an average cargo run before the islands. We supply none of them at an active volcano, that's for sure. But when all our instruments were dead plume of smoke on the horizon it was all we had to go on. That bloody storm came out of nowhere Not a cloud in the sky. One minute the next pandemonium see screeched like 1000 nails dragged across a chop Before I knew it my old world was turned upside down So did you find the tomb in the rift? I sure would like to get my hands on that vampire's blood Back in my day adventurers weren't so squeamish Wasn't a war You're alive Who wonder hacked off his own hand If you could have got a more powerful one in its place Never mind But if you ever want to give it a look let me know