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    Glossary of Voice Over Terms

    In the voice over industry glossary you'll find definitions that have been compiled from a number of industry experts.

    Meet the Voice Over Industry

    If you're new to voice overs, consider this a tour of the community that you'll be part of for years to come where you'll get to know who is who and how each person in the mix plays a contributing role that propels the voice over industry, and, even your career.

    Career as a Voice Actor

    While voice acting is a popular career field to consider at present, it is still a business and successful voice actors know that their career has everything to do with three specific factors.

    Voice Over Coaches and Instructors

    While there are many different avenues that education can be consumed there is one definite way above all others that rises to the top as not only the preferred method but also the most effective: receiving personal instruction from a voice over coach.

    All About Voice Talent Agents

    Voice talent agents and agencies who represent voice talents are usually situated in cities known as hotbeds for voice over work like Los Angeles and New York among other high profile cities. While New York City and L.A.. may be loaded with opportunities and perceived as well-connected to lucrative voice work, there are other markets to consider where representation by an agent is concerned.

    Exploring the Role of Casting Directors

    A casting director, specifically a voice over casting director, is someone who has an ear for picking the best candidate for a particular job. It is the responsibility of the casting director to "cast" the right person in a role for a client who usually has little interest, ability, or lacks the confidence to "pick" the right voice to represent their company, project, or brand.

    Voice Over Marketplaces

    A voice over marketplace is a location, typically based online, where voice actors can feature their voices and audition for job opportunities to acquire voice over work.

    Guide to Public Speaking

    Public speakers need to take certain steps to ensure that they are prepared for the speech, and if you need to give a speech, you can give a speech and sound like a pro, too.

    Animation Voice Overs

    The character voice-over market is one of the most popular and competitive fields where voice-overs are concerned. Voice actors provide voice-overs for animation on the Internet and offline including voice-overs for cartoon characters, video game characters, computer game character voice-overs, and even the voices of animated characters in film.

    Narration in Film and Documentaries a Must

    People like narrators because a narrator provides security. They can spur on new thoughts, segue eloquently when required and persuasively convey emotion using the most powerful and innately wonderful tool in humanity's communicative arsenal -- the human voice.

    Narration is the Act of Storytelling

    Narration is the act of storytelling through the spoken word, using the human voice to narrate a body of text. Narrators read aloud texts such as books, missives, commercial messaging and scripts, narrating live at an event or recording voice over narration for use in other mediums such as television, radio, podcasts, audiobooks, and more.

    10 Things Good Narrators Can Do

    A narrator is a person who reads a script aloud, live in person or through a voice over recording, for an audience. Using the spoken word as a vehicle of expression, narrators are able to captivate, amuse and delight their audiences as well as educate, persuade and instill information.

    Glossary of voice-over Terms

    Ever wondered how to interpret voice-over jargon? Get the lingo down with the help of this handy Glossary of voice-over terms, the perfect companion for voice actors and those who work with them.

    Don LaFontaine : The Legend Lives No More

    Don LaFontaine was the kind of person who always had the right words for everything, and today, I will do my best to honor him by summoning words that will be of fitting tribute to such a kind, dedicated human being who has breathed his last, leaving behind him a legacy of love, hope, and grace.

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    100+ Industry Resources for Voice Over Talent

    To wrap up our series of online resources, tools, services and hidden gems we've put together an exhaustive list of industry-specific resources that we hope you'll enjoy.

    80+ Online Marketing Resources for Voice Over Talent

    Discover links on how to select a domain name, how to register your domain, online advertising, ad management tools, press release distribution services, search engine marketing, online directories and lastly blog search engines and blog directories.

    The Voice Actor's Resource List

    From blogs, podcasts, videos, free downloads, and educational packages, whatever you're looking for is right here in this article with handy links to get right to the source.

    What Should Go on a Voice Over Demo?

    Make sure that your demo shows off your signature voice or your money voice, so listeners can get a reference as to what you really sound like. Your demo should showcase various shades of you, not different character voices. Save those for your animation demo.

    7 Steps to Take Before Making a Voice Over Demo

    Investing resources into making a demo prematurely would be a waste of time, money and also it is important to note that the performance would be shy of where it could be without the application of specific techniques and a polished performance.

    Writing Spots For Your Voice Over Demo

    If you can, write your own spots. These can be inspired by ads you hear or see, but take the core or the spirit of those ads and translate them into something new...

    5 Ways to get the Best Voice-Over Talent for Less Money

    As you post your job on a voice talent web site, you know that you will receive a lot of replies. But quality is more important than quantity, isn't it? After all, you're typically looking for the best talent - the one that's suited to your project, not the most talent, right? Wouldn't you agree that it's best to have a good talent, rather than a mediocre one, for the same money?

    Tips for Beginners

    When getting started in voice overs, aspiring talent quickly discover that it takes more than just a great voice to succeed in this highly competitive market. Although at first glance, there may seem to be few doors that open for amateur talent seeking voice over work opportunities, the avenues for personal growth, talent development and networking are overly abundant. You just need to know where to find them.

    How Do I Get Started in Voice Acting?

    With the field of voice acting growing at an accelerated pace, there are no shortage of "getting started" questions circulating the web. In effort to help answer some of those questions, we've compiled an article with links to some of the best free resources for beginner voice actors and those who are seriously considering a look at studying voice over.

    How To Get a Job Doing Voice-Overs

    Getting a job doing voice-overs is about more than just your voice. This video goes through some of the steps any person encounters when they first get serious about training and launching a voice acting career.

    10 Guinness World Records that Relate to Voice Overs

    An average of $2 million per 30 seconds was paid by advertisers for slots during the hour-long, last-ever episode of Friends (NBC, USA). The show aired in the USA on May 6, 2004, and was seen by an estimated 51.1 million Americans. The highest TV advertising rate ever was $2.4 million per 30 seconds for the NBC network during the transmission of Super Bowl XXXV on January 28, 2001.

    Celebrity Actors VS Professional Narrators

    While we know that sometimes big name actors can sellout at the box office for animation voice over roles, do they enjoy the same degree of success or notoriety when they are on the narration side of the voice over business?

    Joe Cipriano Shares Voice-Over Secrets

    Joe is heard on television sets in households everywhere with his recognizable style doing promos for Fox, NBC, and CBS among other stations.

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    Where To Start in Voice-Overs

    Focus on the realities of the voice-over industry and carefully research what you have to offer, and equally, research what all employers are looking for is the advice in this inspiring podcast.

    Core Talents that People Need to Possess as Voice Over Artists

    Bernard hints that the most difficult hurdle for new talent is to simply be their natural selves. Why do people suddenly become someone else when they're in the booth? Learn how to use your personality to your advantage as a voice over artist and discover a handful of techniques that you can't do without.

    Voice Acting Techniques

    Read the words and act in the white spaces that connect the words, sentences and paragraphs to tell a cohesive story to connect with your audience.

    Learn to Speak Naturally

    Become aware of your speech, discover how it affects your voice over career, and learn how to acquire a range of speech skills.

    Preparing to Record a Commercial Voice Over Demo

    Learn how to choose materials, build in variety, and promote your commercial voice over demo once it has been produced.

    How To Produce an A-List Voice Over Demo

    Find out what happens behind closed studio doors and get the cold hard facts on what matters, what doesn't and how to grab the attention of prospective clients.

    Making Your Art Your Business

    As a voice actor, you are a small business owner, a realization that is critical to your success; it's not just about your voice.

    Niche Marketing for Voice Actors

    Learn how to differentiate yourself from others, especially when marketing on the internet by developing a niche marketing strategy. By defining your target audience and focusing your efforts in their direction, you will reap greater benefits, work for better clientele and make more money with less work.

    How To Become a Cartoon Character

    By keeping it active and projecting a larger than life image with their voices, children learn how to use physicality to vocalize the exaggerated sides of themselves to achieve their goals and create memorable characters while gaining self-esteem.

    A Lesson in Interpreting Punctuation for Voice Talent

    There are many different ways to interpret punctuation in voice over scripts and how you can turn exclamation points, commas, and periods into useful allies that will help you to make interesting choices in your performances.

    Self-Evaluation for Voice Actors

    Take the bull by the horns during the Gold Rush of Voice Over and learn more about who you are as a voice talent, what you have to offer and identify who wants what you have to sell.