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Why Voices is the broadcasting industry’s global source for voice actors

Exclusive Voices

Create a unique sound with an exclusive voice, and find a voice actor who’s with you for the long haul.

Countless Characters

Voices in your backyard or from the other end of the world, speaking over 100 languages and dialects.

Remote Recording

Voices actors can record broadcast-quality files from home studios, or we can arrange in-studio recording.

Team Collaboration

Collaborate easily with your team on projects with our user-friendly online platform.

Project Management

Our Professional Service account managers take care of everything, and adjust to your workflow and preferences.

Experienced Talent

Our experienced, professional voice actors have handled over 280,000 broadcast-related jobs.

Get access to the world’s top voice actors

Voices is trusted by the world’s most prominent brands


Voices in action

At Voices, the number of project types that we can help you complete are nearly endless.
Our broadcast clients rely on us for all their voice over requirements.

How Voices works

Learn how Voices makes finding professional voice actors faster and easier than anyone else.

Voices’s SurePay™ service offers a proven, safe and sound way to pay

Whether you work in radio or television, the security of your funds is critical to your business. Voices’s SurePay™ service offers a trusted, safe, risk-free way to pay for the talent you hire and ensure your transactions are secure. Don’t pay until you’re convinced.

Our voting feature enables teams of all sizes to work together

When you have multiple stakeholders, whether they’re a producer, manager, or a top executive, Voices makes it easy to take everyone’s point-of-view into consideration. Our voting feature enables teams of all sizes to work together, even when you’re not in person together.

Top broadcast vocal qualities

Here are the top 5 vocal qualities (known as ‘styles’) that broadcasters source from Voices.
Select a style to listen to voice actors.

Broadcast client case studies

Learn about how Voices helped to bring these projects to life for some of the world’s most loved and notable brands.

National Geographic Destination Wild

Television promo for National Geographic

Enrich your television content with top quality voice over. Whether your project requires a clean summary of the local news or lively introductions to new programming, a versatile voice actor can make or break an outstanding broadcast. Here’s how Voices helped produce a promo video on behalf of Crave Media for a spot for National Geographic’s “Destination Wild.”

140 countries aired
2 videos
25 Auditions from around the world
Texture by Next Issue (Rogers)

Digital advertising for Texture (Rogers)

No matter where your ads appear, and no matter how long (or short) you’ve cut them, they have to cut through the noise. Voices is enabling advertisers to earn attention with high-caliber, professional voice over. Here’s how Voices helped Texture by Next Issue find their perfect voice for their digital advertising campaign. 

1 day to complete
143 custom auditions
2 ads
UNICEF global television video screenshot

Documentary for UNICEF & Rooftop

Whether you need a voice for a long documentary or a short feature, the right voice can really engage your audience and communicate your intended message. Voices is enabling video producers to earn attention with professional voice over. Here’s how Voices helped Rooftop deliver professional short features to their client, UNICEF.

10 voice options
36 hours to final recording
120 hours to finish
Coca-Cola commercial photo

Television advertising for David Studio

No matter if your project requires a clean summary of the local news or lively contestant introductions on a game show, a versatile voice actor can make or break an outstanding broadcast. Voices connects you to top talent for in-studio recording in your region, or to freelance (remote recording) talent from all around the world. Take a look at how we helped David Studio connect to their audience.

120+ projects annually
5 projects per day
30% time saved

“All-in-all, this has been a fast, simple, efficient and totally professional process. And our agency president is sold on using Voices.”

John Drew,
Basset & Becker Advertising

“Voices made everything incredibly easy and the finished product is excellent! What’s more, we saved A LOT of money.”

Barry Anbinder,
Creative Consultants, Inc.

Broadcasting industry statistics

Wondering what’s going on in the broadcast industry? Are people still watching TV and listening to radio?
Look no further than these interesting statistics:

Global TV advertising revenues are $184 billion
Source: Magna
Despite fears that radio is ‘dead’ global radio advertising revenues only decreased by -1% from $30B to $28B in 2018
Source: Magna
The Super Bowl, one of broadcast’s most popular events, requires a $5M spend per 30 seconds of advertising in order to tap into their audience of 111 million viewers
Source: Statista
Global television advertising spend is expected to grow from 147.8 to 228.8 billion USD from 2010 to 2020
Source: Statista

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The two main types of broadcasting are transmitting by radio or television. There are subcategories within those two overarching types as well, including analog radio, digital radio, internet radio, cable television, satellite television, and more. 

Live broadcasting is any type of media, whether that’s radio or television, that is broadcast instantly or with only a short delay. Examples of this include award shows or daily radio programs. 

Broadcast programs are transmitted on public airwaves, which means that the programs are free for the consumer. Broadcast stations, such as CBS, ABC, or NBC, are the most common form of television. Cable television charges subscription fees and is not transmitted on public airwaves.