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Why Voices is the animator’s global source for voice actors

Versatile Voices

Expertly crafted character voices will be able to take your vision and make it a reality.

Countless Characters

Voices in your backyard or from the other end of the world, speaking over 100 languages and dialects.

Remote Recording

Voices actors can record broadcast-quality files from home studios, or we can arrange in-studio recording.

Team Collaboration

Collaborate easily with your team on projects with our user-friendly online platform.

Project Management

Our Professional Service account managers take care of everything, and adjust to your workflow and preferences.

Experienced Talent

Our experienced, professional voice actors have handled over 250,000 jobs for organizations of a variety of sizes.

Get access to the world’s top voice actors

Voices is trusted by the world’s most prominent brands


Voices in action

At Voices, the number of project types that we can help you complete are nearly endless.
Our animation clients rely on us for all their voice over requirements.

How Voices works

Learn how Voices makes finding professional voice actors faster and easier than anyone else.

Voices’s SurePay™ service offers a proven, safe and sound way to pay

As an animation studio, each and every critical dollar put through your business helps you to create magic. Voices’s SurePay™ service keeps those funds secure, but offering a credible, safe, risk-free way to pay for the talent you hire.

Our voting feature enables teams of all sizes to work together

We know your animation studio has countless stakeholders, all who have a unique creative spin. Voices makes it easy to take everyone’s opinion into consideration. Our voting feature enables studios of all sizes to work together, even when you’re not in the same room.

Top animation vocal qualities

Here are the top 5 vocal qualities (known as ‘styles’) that animators source from Voices.
Select a style to listen to voice actors.

Animation client case studies

Learn about how Voices helped to bring these projects to life for some of the world’s most loved and notable brands.

InGrid Design

Cartoon production for InGrid Design

Having a unique and expressive voice is a key component of a successful cartoon. Whether you need a child’s voice or the voice of an animal, we can provide the right voice and the right read, to set your project up for success. Here’s how Voices helped InGrid Design with their cartoon production.

2 voice talent
<24 hours files delivered
Time saved
Five Little Sheeps Jigsaw Puzzle. Video Game for Mayadem

Video game for Mayadem

Video games have characters and characters need voices! Hiring a professional voice actor to perform the voices behind your characters will enhance the gamers’ experience and enjoyment. Here’s how Voices found unique character voices for the children’s game that was set to be distributed globally.

16 character voices
12 games
9 voice actors
Yieldr logo

Explainer video for Yielder

Whether you need a down-to-earth voice to help you connect your products and services to your customers, or a professionally voiced, quick employee training video, finding the right voice over can determine the viewer’s experience with retaining information and engagement with your content.

60 unique auditions
48 hours to complete
40k+ social views

“Posting the job was easy and within several hours I heard from some of the best voice talent I have ever encountered.”

Chicop Animation Arts

Animation industry statistics

Wondering what’s going on in the animation industry? Is it growing? You bet!
Look no further than these interesting statistics:

The animation industry is estimated to be worth $259B in the United States
Source: Research and Markets
Animation carried out for North American companies is often outsourced to India, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan
Source: TV Tropes
Animation is recognized as one of the easiest mediums to work with for those serving an international audience, as it lends itself well to dubbing
Most segments of the animation industry are growing at a rate of 2% annually, globally
Source: Research and Markets

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Frequently Asked Questions

The animation industry is a growing market that includes animation studios around the world. The major markets include The United States, Canada, Japan, China, France, Britain, Korea, and Germany.

The five types of animation are traditional animation, 2D vector-based animation, 3D computer animation, motion graphics, and stop motion.

Animated explainer videos are a popular form of media that are used to convey a process, concept, idea, or product. They use animation and voice over to tell the story. 

The total value of the global animation industry is expected to reach $270 billion USD in 2020.