VOX Talk #48 – Writer’s Strike, Simpsons Video Game, Naruto, Voice Overs on Demand, Adam Fox


    Writers’ Strike, Simpsons Video Game, Naruto : Rise of a Ninja Gives Gamers Choice of VAs, Terry Daniel’s Voice Overs On Demand Podcast, Adam Fox in Tech Talk – send in your MP3s!

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    Writer’s Strike, Simpsons Video Game, Naruto, Voice Overs on Demand, Adam Fox

    Transcript of Vox Talk #48

    Male: Episode 48.
    You’re listening To VOX Talk, the voiceover industry’s number one podcast brought to you by Voices.com. It’s about voice acting, growing your business, and sharing your knowledge. VOX Talk is a show that you can be a part of. Getting involved is both fun and rewarding. It’s time for this week’s episode of VOX Talk with your host, Stephanie Ciccarelli.
    Stephanie Ciccarelli: Hi, I’m Stephanie and welcome to VOX Talk! Today, we have a special guest in the Biz. We’ll hear from Tech Talk correspondent, Adam Fox and send out a request for feedback from you.
    First, let’s move on to the news.
    Male: The Loop, informing you of news and current voiceover events.
    Stephanie Ciccarelli: Our lead story is one that should send shivers up your spine if you are a member of the union. In the US, writers in Hollywood are striking over how their work is used in new medias specifically on DVDs and through mobisodes on cellphones and webisodes on the internet.
    The Writers Guild of America is up against Hollywood producers and broadcast networks and it’s a wonder which party will flinch first. Their contract with the producers expired last Wednesday at midnight. How will this affect the voice actors? Find out in the VOX Daily Blog at blogs.voices.com/VOXDaily.
    In voiceover news, your favorite Simpsons charaters are back in a video game released from Electronic Arts featuring none other than the original voice actors from the acclaimed television series.
    Reuters report that the game has an episodic feel and has 8,000 lines to its credit, enough to script an entire season of the Simpsons on the air. To learn more about the Simpsons video game, go to reuters.com via the link from the VOX Talk Show Notes.
    To wrap up the news, the video game Naruto: Rise of a Ninja is reportedly giving gamers the opportunity to pick the language that they hear the voiceovers in to suit their fancy. With the aid of a software add-on for the game available online, gamers can choose between the original Japanese voice actors and the North American voice actors. Kind of like a voiceover version of choose your own adventure, huh? To learn more about the video game and how to acquire the tools to select your preferred voice acting casts, go to the VOX Talk Show Notes.
    Male: The Biz, helping you grow your voiceover business.
    Stephanie Ciccarelli: Today in the Biz, we have a promo from Terry Daniel for a new podcast Voice Overs on Demand. In their most recent episode, Terry interviews Brooke Hart as he discussed copywriting. Copy is one of the most influential factors that will get your message across to potential customers.
    Here’s a special message from Terry.
    Terry Daniel: Hi, it’s Terry Daniel from Voice Overs On Demand with Terry and Trish. Join Trish Basanyi and myself once a month as we discuss different topics in the voiceover industry.
    Voice Overs on Demand is great for new students who are eager to get into the voiceover business. It’s also great for you experienced voiceover pros for there are several opportunities to network and share ideas on the voiceover industry.
    To access Voice Overs on Demand, go to voiceovers.podcastpeople.com or you can visit my website at universalvoicetalent.com. Thanks for listening and we’ll talk to you next time on Voice Overs on Demand.
    Stephanie Ciccarelli: Be sure to listen to the most recent episode of Voice Overs on Demand with Terry Daniel as he interviews enterpreneur and copywriter Brooke Hart.
    Male: Tech Talk, walking you through the technological landscape.
    Stephanie Ciccarelli: It’s time to contribute and Adam Fox is on the case.
    Male: You’re listening to another DefiantDigital podcast for Voices.com. Here’s your host, Adam Fox.
    Adam Fox: Hi, folks. Today, we’re going to gear back up with a nice piece of podmail in response to our segment about backing things up. This particular piece of podmail comes from Kevin Bachelder at thesmallbusinesstech.com.
    He writes in his podmail, “The reason for my e-mail was to share some thoughts on your latest segment about backing up your PC. I don’t know the folks in the voiceover industry but if they’re like many of the small business owners that I deal with, they know they should do backups but since it’s not easy for them to do, they tend to ignore it until it’s too late.” Isn’t that the truth? “I’ve had some success with a particular suggestion that I made because it’s a pretty straightforward way for them to protect their data without a lot of on-going work or technical know how.”
    And this is what he recommends, “I recommend that they use a disc imaging program. He’s had good luck with Acronis True Image but there are others and a decent size USB drive. I like the Western Digital Passport one.” As do I. Good suggestion. “True Image can be set up to do scheduled backups and being an imaging product, it’s pretty easy to do a single file restore or even an entire hard drive restore if necessary. ”
    “In this scenario, there’s no need to open the box or play tech for those people who have no desire to do that. Once installed, its pretty much runs by itself.” And here’s the link he provided, www.acronis.com. Well, that’s a great tip, Kevin and another way to consolidate your data into a real easy to move, easy to find format that will really give you the peace of mind that we’ve been talking about.
    Thanks so much for the letter, Kevin and folks if you want to check out Kevin’s site in his blog, he does quite a few blogs of variety of different topics, just head on over to www.thesmallbusinesstech.com. That’s all one word just like it sounds.
    I’d also like to mention that in a couple of weeks, I’ll be doing kind of greatest hits Tech Talk segment to bring those newer listeners that we’ve been gathering along the way up to speed. I’m not going to be chopping up the segments from previous shows but I will be putting the call out to others to share their experiences regarding a variety of different topics that we’ve discussed in some of the previous segments because you know, today is the 27th episode that I produced for the VOX Talk podcast and I’d really love to hear your comments and thoughts.
    It’s real easy, all you have to do is participate. That’s pretty easy, isn’t it? So, if you guys could send me some segments that I can cut into the piece, I would really appreciate it. I’m going to lay out the topics now so that you guys can all have an opportunity to reminisce about the things that we’ve discussed here on the cast and submit your particular thoughts and ideas, okay? Here we go.
    First, we’re going to cover effects and boy doesn’t that go way back? I mean, that’s reaching back to I think the first – probably the first podcast episode that I did and we did have some fun with that and we talked about how effects can be used in the professional environment, not just either for fun, strictly for fun or very dry effects that are pretty much the standard in the industry that we have to use as a result of trying to process our audio and getting it up to the clients.
    Second topic we’re going to talk about is producing a completed spot. We did a few podcast actually detailing that particular topic and you know, things to keep in mind about that, the overall construction of a spot, you know proper placement of music, you know that kind of stuff.
    Third topic we’re going to talk about is utilizing the internet and the high-speed wonderful technology toys that we have to collaborate with other voice talents and how that particular technical aspect can be accomplished. It’s also a great networking tool but it’s definitely a technical process as well and how that can really help both voice talents. We covered that quite a bit.
    And of course fourth, we’re going to be talking about putting together a demo. That’s kind of the meat in potatoes of what we do. We’re going to be talking about the difference between audio engineers and voiceover talents and where those two lines cross over and you know, we’ve really received a lot of great guidance along the way in this podcast and on a number of different podcasts about those two things and how they can really cross over and really benefit both people in the long run and in the short term. If you can do both of those things as well, it really helps the client, helps you out and we’re going to be talking about that as well.
    And finally, we’re going to talk about how to optimize your recording set up. How you can get the best performance out of your gear, eliminating the technical problems in the studio, and such like that.
    So there you go. Now, I want to stress that you know, this piece is not going to happen without your help. All of you out there that are listening to the podcast and we do this stuff everyday and the tranches. If I don’t get the material for this thing, this is not going to really materialize. It’s going to sound mighty thin,
    So, please you know, don’t be shy, just go ahead and send your pieces to me in an MP3 format to Adam@DefiantDigital.com and if you’re having trouble trying to send something, if it happens to be over a file size that you can send in a mailbox, let me know, we’ll set something up and I’ll make an arrangement to get the material from you.
    Because you know, I’m counting on all of you to share your thoughts and say your piece about what we’ve been doing and enjoying in this podcast. So, this is a great opportunity. Let’s not drop the ball on this one. Take the time. Jot some thoughts down vocally and send your ideas and thoughts to me and I’d really love to be able to put together a nice, rich show and I’m gauging it for a few weeks out so it gives me some time to put together the content and gives you time in your busy schedules to be able to send the stuff to me as well.
    And for those of you who might be interested, I also have a new blog that is an extension of this Tech Talk segments and we get in some great discussions and I get e-mail and such but I’d really love to open the floor up so that there can be a public comment and a great way to publicly discuss these things and share ideas and tips and tricks and you can find that at blog.DefiantDigital.com.
    You can also just go to the main index page of the website at DefiantDigital.com and there’s a banner down below, you just scroll down and click on that and it’ll take you right to the blog.
    And of course, who was the first visitor? Who was the first person to sign up for the blog? That’s right! Jesse Springer, our one and only. You’re at the pole position buddy. Good for you. So anyway, hop on over to the blog and share your thoughts and I’ll also be starting a new podcast that will be tied in and hosted there as well for some different ideas that won’t be what the Tech Talk segments are.
    It’s going to be a little different but it’s still going to you know, range on that. We made you just a strict Q&A, something that will be hosted over there and hopefully for the long term and that’s going to be a good thing.
    So, I’m encouraging all of you to get over there and jump in. Jump in to the discussion, people. It’s a lot of fun. It’s more fun when everyone shares, right? And as always, you can catch me here at AdamFox@Voices.com or you can hop over to the website at DefiantDigital.com and hit me there.
    So, thanks for listening folks. Had a rough week there, rough few days. I know there’s a lot of people that are still concerned about things and that still needs to be focused on. Make sure to drop over to Julie Williams’ site at voice-overs.com and let her know what you can do to help out. And everyone stay warm, stay dry, stay safe, love your families, and until next time. Bye for now.
    Stephanie Ciccarelli: It’s amazing to think that Adam has now been on VOX Talk 27 times. That’s incredible! Send Adam your MP3s. I’d love to hear your voices on the podcast too. Thank you, Adam.
    On behalf of the team, I want to thank you for listening to and for staying subscribed to VOX Talk. If you haven’t yet subscribed, we’d love to have you on board. Search for VOX Talk at iTunes. Thank you for listening and we’ll see you next week.

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