VOX Talk #49 – British Animation Awards, WGA Strike Update, David Cook Interview, Kat Keesling from SaVoa, Adam Fox


    British Animation Awards Announce New Voice Performance Categories, Update on Writers Guild of America Strike, Feature Interview with David Cook, Kathleen “Kat” Keesling on SaVoa and Adam Fox teaches you how to clean your computer in Tech Talk.

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    British Animation Awards, WGA Strike Update, David Cook Interview, Kat Keesling from SaVoa, Adam Fox

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    Kathleen Keesling from SaVoa
    Adam Fox
    This week, you’ll hear about the new voice actors category through the British Animation Awards, an update on the Writers Guild strike and meet the voice of professional golf.


    British Animation Awards
    Our top story is about the British Animation Awards’ new category, Best Character Voice Performance. If your voice has starred in a British animated film in the past two years, you qualify to be nominated for this brand new category. Two other categories added this year include New Media: Best Animation and New Media: Best Commissioned Animation, focusing on Internet and downloadable animation.
    To learn more about the British Animation Awards, visit britishanimationawards.com
    Update on Writers Guild of America Strike
    Tired of Leno and Letterman re-runs yet? With most primetime programming still being fueled by scripts tucked away from before November, the Writers Guild of America is now in its second week of striking and stockpiles of scripts are starting to run out. Primarily, the strike is over new media and how work created initially for television is now being used as promotional material on the Internet and mobisodes on cellular phones without payment being made to the writers who wrote the scripts.
    Read about both sides of this argument on the VOX Daily blog and have your say. Featured are viewpoints from writers on the picket lines as well as those who oppose the strike.
    Check out https://blogs.voices.com/voxdaily/
    Meet the Voice of Professional Golf
    To conclude, I’d like to draw your attention to an interview that was recently published featuring David Cook, a professional announcer who has provided live announcing services for professional golf including the PGA Tour, the LPGA Tour and also the PGA’s Champions Tour.
    To read the interview in full and see a neat picture of David with Tiger Woods, go to VOX Daily or visit the link in the show notes.



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