VOX Talk #72 – MLB Perfect Inning App, Movie Trailers, Ken Burns The Roosevelts Voice Cast, Jeff Bridges, Paul Rudd and Hyundai, Joan Rivers and Vocal Surgery


    This week you’ll hear about the newest version of Major League Baseball’s Perfect Inning app, movie trailers with and without voices, and the new Ken Burns documentary. In the Biz, Stephanie and Carmi discuss the continuing and strengthening trend from the automotive sector to use primarily male voice talent for voicing television commercials. In tech talk, the team takes a closer look at vocal surgery and if it is truly necessary.
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    Links From This Week’s Show

    The Loop
    MLB Perfect Inning App voiced by Joe Buck
    In a World Without Voiceovers: What happened to the movie trailer voice
    The Biz
    Did you know that Paul Rudd replaced Jeff Bridges as the new voice of Hyundai? Stephanie Ciccarelli chats with Carmi Levy, Voices.com’s Senior Writer about the continuity of male voices driving automobile ads. References made to Val Kilmer and Will Arnett, Kiefer Sutherland, Tim Allen and more as we track the origins of the celebrity voice-over in the automotive sector.
    Tech Talk
    Carmi and Stephanie talk about vocal surgery and if if it is truly something that people should consider or rehabilitative alternatives are better suited for most people. Within weeks of Joan Rivers’ passing, this topic is a timely one. Discussion around Julie Andrews’ surgery and advice from the Chicago Institute for Voice Care round out the segment.
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    1. You talked about the professional actors’ voices on Ken Burns’ The Roosevelts, but you missed the opportunity to mention a different opportunity for voice actors: The Roosevelts series is audio described for people who are blind or have low vision, so a professional voice actor got the job of voicing the description throughout the show. PBS has MANY shows with description, and more and more of the shows on other networks are featuring audio description on the SAP (Second Audio Program) channel. While I haven’t noticed any audition opportunities for audio describers on Voices.com, they may come in the future, and the opportunities are out there.

    2. Hi Fred,
      Thank you for sharing about the audio description that is being used in Ken Burns’ series. Great to hear that it’s accessible media 🙂 I am familiar with this topic and we’d certainly be happy to cover Audio Description in greater detail in an upcoming episode of Vox Talk.
      If you don’t mind, I’m going to read your comment in our next podcast so that others can hear about this wonderful opportunity and the work that PBS is doing to make much of their programming accessible in this way for the visually impaired.
      With warm regards,


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