Vox Talk #73 – Rovio’s Angry Birds Movie, DreamWorks and Softbank, Regional Accents, Talk App, Insuring Your Voice, Dame Judi Dench


    This week you’ll hear about Rovio’s upcoming Angry Birds movie starring celebrity voice talent, Softbank potentially buying DreamWorks Animation and regional accents. Stephanie and Carmi discuss a new app called Talk for those who have lost their voices, what’s involved with insuring your voice and Dame Judi Dench. In the Vox Box, we’re airing listener feedback from Fred Brack in response to Ken Burns’ The Roosevelts documentary and inviting you to tweet us, yes tweet us, using the hashtag #voxtalk.
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    Links From This Week’s Show

    The Biz
    A star-studded voice cast has been assembled for the forthcoming Angry Birds CGI Movie,
    Softbank might buy DreamWorks Animation and how you sound could cost you a gig!
    Do you sound like you’re from “here” or “there”? Carmi talks about a time when his regional Montreal accent lost him a job and Stephanie comments on being recognized as a Canadian in the US. A dialogue on native speakers ensues.
    Tech Talk
    Carmi and Stephanie talk about a new app that’s designed to help people who have lost their voices called Talk. The conversation brings names like Stephen Hawking into play as well as Dame Judi Dench. Dame Judi does not have problems using her voice, however, she is doing her best to continue her acting career with limited vision. Unable to read scripts anymore, she’s finding ways to ensure the show goes on. Talk of insuring your voice comes up as do reasons for why it might be prudent for professional voice users to do so.
    VOX Box
    Fred Brack‘s comments on last week’s podcast make their way into the show! Hear Fred’s perspective and learn a little bit about a fascinating topic that is near and dear…audio description.
    Listen to this example of audio description from Fred’s Voices.com profile. Below, you’ll hear a demo describing a statue of Sir Walter Raleigh:


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