Vox Talk #77 – YouTube, Susan Wojcicki, Code Mobile, Celebrities in Video Games, Disney’s Big Hero 6, Supercomputer Animation


    This week, we’re talking about YouTube and how pretty soon you might be able to pay for privilege of skipping those ads, getting started as a professional voice actor, and what Vox Talk listeners think about celebrity voice acting in video games. Later in Tech talk, it’s all about Big Hero 6 and Disney’s use of some amazing technology to create one of the most immersive 3-D animation experiences to date.
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    Links From This Week’s Show

    Tech Talk
    Will you be seeing Big Hero 6 on opening weekend? We’re talking about the 55,000-core supercomputer that Disney used and how this new tech will raise the game for content creation.
    Vox Box
    Have you noticed Hollywood’s pivot eastward? There’s a lot going on in Asia with Disney, Pixar and DreamWorks. Hear more about this trend in the Vox Box.
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