Vox Talk #78 – Angry Birds, Pixar, Toy Story 4, YouTube, Photo Contest


    Carmi Levy and Stephanie Ciccarelli, hosts of Vox Talk podcastThis week, we’re talking about some great CGI movies on the way. We’ll take flight with some Angry Birds, and ask whether it’s possible to turn a hugely successful video game into a hugely successful movie. We’ll also dig into the latest news from Pixar, namely that Toy Story fans WILL get a fourth movie in 2017. Surprised? We were too.
    In tech, we’ll take a closer look at YouTube’s big move to faster framerates – and why that matters. And, don’t miss your chance for the last big Voices.com giveaway of the year. If you’ve got a camera handy, you’ll want to stay tuned.
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    The Biz is all about Angry Birds! Listen as Carmi and Stephanie discuss:

    • Saturday Night Live alumni are well represented, with Jason Sudeikis starring as Red Bird, Maya Rudolph playing Matilda, and Bill Hader and Kate McKinnon adding their voices, as well. You might remember we talked about this in Episode 73.
    • Josh Gad joins the cast fresh off of playing the voice of Olaf in the monster hit Frozen. Emmy Award winner Peter Dinklage from Game of Thrones plays Mighty Eagle, and Danny McBride builds on his Kung Fu Panda 2 voice roots as The Bomb.
    • Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox, founders of the Smosh YouTube channel, join the cast. Their social media celebrity status may help bring more people to the box office. Smosh has 19 million YouTube subscribers, plus another 2.5 million Twitter followers.

    Did you know there’s going to be a fourth Toy Story movie?

    • Everyone likes a good surprise, but after all the marketing for Toy Story 3 led us to believe that they were wrapping up the franchise. Why will there be a fourth?
    • What is it about Toy Story that seems to captivate us as much as it does? Sure, it was the first big Pixar film, and it set the tone for everything that came afterward. But can we call it a modern classic? If so, what makes it a classic in the first place?
    • Toy Story is an excellent example of celebrity voices being used in a big budget film. Pixar continues to use a mixture of major names and emerging talent in its films: Will we ever resolve the major-star vs. unknown voice talent argument?

    In Tech Talk, YouTube takes center stage with their newly increased framerates.

    • YouTube has announced everyone will soon be able to upload videos that have been recorded at 48 and 60 fps framerates
    • The site currently supports 24 and 30 fps, and the addition of the higher framerates has been widely anticipated for some time
    • Faster video is becoming a lot more mainstream thanks to the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus from Apple. Both devices can record full-HD (1,920 by 1,080 pixel) 30 and 60 fps footage natively. With millions of new iPhone owners now recording video at higher speeds, the time is right for YouTube to make the switch.
    • The fast-friendly footage settings are part of a larger plan by YouTube to appeal to content creators. In recent months, it has introduced the Creator Studio app for iOS and Android, a new royalty-free audio and sound effect library, and Fan Funding, which lets viewers contribute directly to specific video channels.
    • There are some gotchas: The entire site hasn’t suddenly become 48 or 60 fps overnight. Users may have to change browsers – it works only in Google Chrome – or system settings in order to see the difference, and older videos recorded at the slower framerates won’t be automatically upgraded.

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    Stephanie Ciccarelli, Sergio Cordoba and Carmi Levy of Voices.com


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