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technology is a moving target in the kinetic enterprise. The only constant is change. The boundary surrounding i t. Of fading as technology becomes integral to almost every business function in relationship instead of silos built around department or project small, agile, diverse team support products, services and even business outcomes. In fact, traditional business products are being reimagined the services as organizations, modernized core systems in the technology stack, open standards, cloud first designs and loosely coupled architectures of the norm. In Staunton's Now large enterprises have similar ambitions. The same time data has never been a more critical asset. Advances in computer vision and pattern recognition allow companies to unlock insights from instructor data insights that until now have been lost in the dark machine learning and cognitive technologies are augmenting human intelligence. This machine intelligence is helping companies make better decisions in bed complex analytics into customer and employee interactions, and with the adoption of bonds and complex robotic process automation, automate increasingly difficult tasks moving beyond computer screens. Companies exploring more immersive and engaging ways to combine the physical world and digital systems augmented reality, virtual reality and the Internet of things converge to create a new, mixed reality that's more natural, intuitive and intelligent. Meanwhile, Blockchain is emerging as the mainstay for digital identities in the evolving trust economy. And a few years down the line advances in disruption forces like synthetic biology, energy storage, quantum computing and nanotech could exponentially transform the way we do business. CEOs who can harness the possibilities of these technologies will be better positioned to shape the future of their business, imagine filled and run the future from the realities of today.