English Voice-Over Demo (Animation, Character, Announcer, Radio + TV)



Here are 8 different voices, all from one woman! I created each character to showcase my versatility, wrote all of the scripts, voiced and recorded. Enjoy!

Vocal Characteristics




North American (General)


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don't play with me zack. You're gonna give me your lunch money or we're gonna meet at the monkey bars after class and I'm gonna talk to your doctor if you experience any side effects such as anxiety, constipation, dry mouth headache or insomnia. Darden's no playing in the garden now. Sorry marge those grandchildren are worse than the squirrels, join us at six Flags. Magic Mountain home to the world's best thrill rides. Sometimes when I get scared I just sing a song and then it makes me feel better. Twinkle twinkle steven. I know you're excited, but slow down. One of my favorite things is red wagons, but my mom won't let me have a wagon because she thinks I'm gonna go to the library and take all the books home. Well that's not my plan. A winter storm watches in effect right now. We're expecting 16-18 cm of snow in the next 24 hours.