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The Big Movie Trailer Guy demo - BOBBY DOUGHNUTS

Voice Over • Movie Trailers


Movie Trailer - big, dramatic, gravely, powerful, versatile, distinct, to young edge, comedy.
The rebel edge, attitude, weathered, raspy, rough, cocky, rugged, F150, sons of anarchy, denis leary.
World weary teller of truths. A recognizable, powerful, versatile, distinct voice.

conversational everyman, guy next door, strong and authoritative, burly and tough or smooth and sexy, to edgy and punchy, to dark and intimidating and the voice of god. Alpha Male, Booming, Brave
Simply said, Bobby can get you where you want to go.
Cool, confident, casual authenticity - Denis Leary, Dennis Leary, John Hamm, Tim Allen, The Most Interesting Man In The World, Real Men of Genius, Family Man, Blue Collar, Country.
Edgy with power. Serious, drama, comedy.
Hard working everyman - self-assured, confident, positive, assertive, attractive.
Chris Hemsworth, Denis Leary, John Goodman, Sam Elliott
Confident, Reassuring Attractive, Inspirational - Jeff Bridges, David Ducovohny, Kevin Spacey
confident, real, engaging, The rebel edge, attitude, weathered, raspy, rough, cocky, rugged, F150, sons of anarchy, everyman, authentic, engaging.

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Vocal Characteristics


English (North American)

Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


US General American (GenAm), US Midwest (Chicago, Great Lakes), US South West (Texas)


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
on the sixth day, but the sixth month of the 60 year from Shang Black, creator of Lethal Weapon, comes a mystery that starts with a kiss and ends with a bad You thought you knew them. It's time to think again. Now, to stop an ancient evil four warriors must accept their destiny. Never before have so many done so little anyone else from our graduating class back there and gone so far, I can't look away. Tony Shaloub, Maggie Gyllenhaal The Great New Wonderful.