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You've heard his voice on many trailers and sports promos.
The voice is genuine. The style is distinct. The swagger is engaging.
Bobby Doughnuts gets the job done!
Movie Trailer , big , dramatic , gravely , powerful , versatile , distinct , to young edge , comedy
The rebel edge , attitude , weathered , raspy , rough , cocky , rugged , F150 , sons of anarchy , denis leary ,
World weary teller of truths , A recognizable , powerful , versatile , distinct voice ,

conversational , everyman , guy next door , strong , authoritative , burly , tough , smooth , sexy, edgy , punchy, dark , intimidating , voice of god , Alpha Male , Booming , Brave
Simply said, Bobby can get you where you want to go.
Cool, confident, casual authenticity - Denis Leary, Dennis Leary, John Hamm, Tim Allen, The Most Interesting Man In The World , Real Men of Genius , Family Man , Blue Collar , Country ,
Edgy with power , Serious , drama , comedy ,
Hard working everyman , self-assured , confident , positive , assertive , attractive ,
Chris Hemsworth , Denis Leary , John Goodman , Sam Elliott
Confident , Reassuring , Attractive , Inspirational , Jeff Bridges , David Ducovohny , Kevin Spacey
confident , real , engaging , The rebel edge , attitude , weathered , raspy , rough , cocky , rugged , F150 , sons of anarchy , everyman , authentic , engaging

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Senior (55+)


North American, US General American (GenAm), US Midwest (Chicago, Great Lakes), US West Coast (California, Portland)


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it began and death loved ones sacrificed for survival. And for generations the blood feud continued from father to son and beyond. The fight endured, the conflict intensified and forced the world to take sides. Some fight for vengeance. Others fight for honor duty or debts that can never be paid. And each believes there reason to be just age believes that they must win at all costs. This fight is in our blood. It's in our history. It iss our fate. But here, for some, the fight will end face to face and a hand. Blood to blood from father two, son on Beyond. All fights are personal.