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    All About Rock Star Voices

    The rock star is a character who plays rock and roll music professionally and typically has a large, dedicated following. The rock star is a creative character and has excellent musical capabilities. The rock star character often has a persona built that attracts fans, being very outgoing, confident, and charismatic. The rock star character enjoys his or her status as a larger-than-life figure. The rock star character is usually loud, fun to be around, and perhaps a bit self-absorbed.

    Stages of the rock star vocal character

    The rock star character goes through various stages in his or her career. The rock star character first assembles a band and requires good interpersonal skills, charisma, talent, and dedication to succeed with his or her band. Next, the rock star character writes lyrics and sings them, to see how they flow with his or her subgenre, voice, and rhythm of the song. The rock star character may add scream-singing or other vocal elements to his or her work. The rock star character is confident with fans and performs very well in front of crowds. The rock star character may also be very hedonistic, on his or her own, with the band, or even with the fans. Rock star characters may be controversial and handle interviews with the media, often answering in a professional manner, but sometimes may be rebellious or show disregard for politeness.

    Where to hear a rock star vocal character

    The rock star character can be seen in movies, shows, and in songs written in regard to, or as a part of, the rock genre of music. There are many rock star characters and fictional icons, perhaps one of the most popular being Elvis Presley. You can listen to various songs from all subgenres of rock and find which one is best associated with the rock star character you are looking for, and incorporate elements of musicians in that subgenre into your character’s voice.