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everyone has a role to play in achieving our environmental commitments. Have a look at the measures we used to ensure our compliance with the law, minimise our environmental impact on DH assess and improve our performance. Rebound Working is a way of working that many people have had to get used to very quickly due to the Corona virus pandemic. But the shift to remote working has also shown what can be achieved by working together even when we're not physically together. Well done. You spotted all the hazards. A common hazard of office work is bad seating position. A poor seating position can cause backache, strange wrists and strained neck. This is a good seating position and it doesn't represent a health and safety risk. Welcome to this. Learning calls on understanding a re throw Poetic proto porphyria e p P E P. P is a rare genetic disorder affecting 5000 to 10,000 people worldwide. Due to a genetic defect, patients have a deficiency in the enzyme. Pharaoh Keleti is vital for the production of him. The information contained within this course is designed to help you understand specific internal systems that are crucial to ensuring your able to carry out your role effectively and efficiently. You can navigate back and forth using the arrows here and here. And your progress is saved automatically so you can come back to complete the course in your own time. Let's get started. Can my cataracts get better without treatment without an operation to remove? Tthe um, cataract mean your vision will continue to get worse. It won't get better if you ignore it. What should I have already tried At this time? There are no proven alternative treatments. If your vision can't be helped by glasses or contact lenses on operation is the only way of improving your sight. Eyedrops won't get rid of your cataract ce press here to continue.