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This demo, retrieved from the depths of the earth, showcases Bob Bavnani's deep (baritone) range of voice, highlighting on the following traits: Manly, Masculine, Gritty, Gravelly.

Move over Sam Elliot, James Earl Jones; and yes, you too, Optimus Prime.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General) North American (US General American - GenAM)


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Bob of any men, Come Eat a Man's Dinner on Tuesday. It is a day of no guarantees on any given race day on Formula One race circuits around the world, a tightly choreographed production has played out in a world where grime infests the streets. Critics call it the most epic film this year. This is Chicago's very own, all hit radio power, 107 classic Rock. Next on the history General Tom Hanks and director Ron Howard's Apollo 13. Then Mel Gibson stars in the Academy Award winning epic Braveheart. We now return to deadly matrimony on ABC. Channel five. Viewer Discretion is advised on 2020 this Friday on episode of television that will make you believe in miracles on all new ER, NBC Thursday. I am Optimus Prime. Chippewa Boots the best by fire. The mothership has arrived on the World Wide Web. Football is a spectacular game. Professional football is getting quicker. They came from all over the valley and the far east of Nova Scotia. Truck by truck, more than a score of years ago, I discovered a beasts, tracks lurking unhindered within our walls. The beast prayed, would greed upon our gluttonous society. The elusive menaces purpose was to disorient our faith No more. My brothers in our light bringer his name and topless wolf ball. Maybe I should wait for a full moon, but the pressure is building. Wish it would never wear off. But it always does. But this one is special. A novel by M. K. Gilroy.