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This English demo is about events of the day. It showcases the news and documentary style.

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East Africa, East Africa (Kenyan), African (General)


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welcome to the top of the our cargos monkey. All better ceremonies must still continue to be held by a maximum of 15 people. Government spokesman siders are gonna say the government hasn't applied double standards on this issue. I think that it's a failure on the local law enforcers, if any burial is attended by more than 15 people, Elson and Narrow County has already set aside 300 bed isolation centres in readiness for the surging number off coffee. 19 cases in the country, Governor Francisco Mommy's say's. Although they haven't recorded a single case so far, they're ready with that in ICU beds and 11,000 words in quarantine. Center's protects what More than two billion Kenya shillings that were being implemented by the Career Valley Development Authority K video have tolled due to the effects of coffee, 19 floods and the locus invasion. CEO Sam in a Perot says many workers were sent away following the pandemic and flooding. Navarro says food security projects have also been adversely affected by the invasion off Locusts. Finally, the Ministry of Education is still consulting on the appropriate time to administer busy as primary and secondary school exams after the timetable was disrupted by the closure of schools you took off in 19 pandemic education. CS George McGovern stays A public participation process will be conducted with those stockholders before the final decision is made. More news in an hour. I'm Carol. Come on.