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Acheivement Badges Top Talent


Roles include Worgen (\"World of Warcraft\"), Fluffybunny & Leo Nemean (\"Heroes of Newerth\"), Pinstripe (\"Pinstripe\").

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Senior (55+)


North American (General)


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**** Terhune greetings. Fate has brought you here to me. Fortune smiles upon you. Tell my enemy to shreds, unleash your rage! The day is yours! Glory unto you! May the great wolf Spirit Guide you! No one's going to be a bad egg this year. I have my carrot finders on you. Some eggs are going to get fried today. Zeppelins, except look at me, Go where I stop. Nobody knows hear me. I stand with the legion. The **** Burn has a new enemy too late. You understand why others call me king of beasts. Ah, wow! Ted, Look at you. I've got to say, I'm quite impressed, you, freakishly stupid looking, deuce, with no wonder. Screw up like yourself has joined the stinking ranks of the damned Look how sweet her little face features! It's over! Ted! Time to burn teddy boy.