Voice Reel 2017



A collection of some of my dialects and voices I can do

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


Australian German Russian


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All right, Jack Bear directs. Gather around and grab your seven orange. Nice. They prevent scurvy. Will held their partner were just suddenly you're discussing the socio economic ramifications of the War of Austrian succession. Clear to join us. Hey, welcome to Louise. What can I get you? Day 45. They're no good tribes. If he's in three of all guides and on malaria. Seems to have taken my son's leg. Would even worse than that, I'm out of most switch talk. It's a short any suffer. Fuller's Huber. Thanks for coming in the board meeting everyone All right, we're gnomes. Make shoes, but marketings in the grabber. Johnson. Well, the quarterly say creating stranger. You have come many miles to see my wares, have you not? We have mysterious curios of the Far East on, of course, T shirts for the kids up whole. Didn't meal numbers of street toward were a lot of guns were out of bullets. Would will come by right side. We have all lost so much weight. The years 1941 the beaches of Normandy, our boys making the big push into France. And Fritz is on the run gig these days with a social, open minded Nisshin environmental activism, who are they're going to make the world a better place. And frankly, I'm happy for them. Still not Valley. I am in Stockton. I mean, I did get my doctor in Shakespearean studies, but our can dentistry be now open. Why? Don't say. Ah. Did you hear the news on Champ? My son passed the bar. He's gonna be a fine social parasite, just like his old man. Uh, using, you know, the horrors of war. I once had to kill three men with a spoon on Hill 45 0 man. Really sorry, sir. It's my first day. Let me call the manager. Are you looking at me Funny, Mitch? Because I sure to got out showing your face up like a Christmas I am. I will share my life.