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Profile photo for Katherine Kennard

Katherine Kennard

Auckland, New Zealand

Path of Exile - Zana - Character, Strong, Fantasy, Hero

Voice Over Videogames + 21 More
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Satauna Howery

Saratoga Springs, New York

Jazz/Pop Singer (and piano player!)

Voice Over Television Ad + 20 More
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Helen Moore-Gillon

Madison, New York


Voice Over Elearning + 20 More
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Pete Beaumont

Wrexham, United Kingdom


Voice Over Radio Ad + 6 More
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Marina Kalmykova

Düsseldorf, Germany

Total War Rome Remastered - Victoria

Voice Over Videogames + 10 More
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Stacey Patrone

Orlando, Florida

Old Woman Character

Voice Over Animation + 17 More
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Aristocrat Voices

The aristocrat is an upper class, elite character, who come from wealthy and powerful backgrounds. The aristocrat can have a posh accent, or sound more eloquent and suave in comparison with people who are not aristocrats.

An aristocratic voice is a high class and socially sophisticated voice. Think of Dr. Frasier Crane from Frasier, Dowager Countess (Maggie Smith) in Downton Abbey and Benedict Cumberbatch, in pretty much any of his roles.

Aristocrats are generally better educated, and have a more complex vocabulary. Aristocrats also speak slower and more clearly. Aristocrats may be more greedy or self-absorbed characters.The aristocrat is often confident and sometimes arrogant with the positions of power, authority and influence they hold. Other aristocrats are philanthropic, using their gifts to help others.

The classic aristocrat is from a long-running family background of wealth, power and influence, such as the nobility and banking or commerce families.

Modern examples of people who fit these roles in real life would be the British monarchy, the Kardashians, the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds. A newer form of aristocrats would be politicians, celebrities and leaders or permanent chair members of non-governmental organizations. Bishops and the heads of religious organizations can sometimes be considered aristocrats, as well.

The conventional aristocrat can be seen in history movies, as the aristocracy controlled Europe in the Middle and Modern ages. Roles these aristocrats would have held were lord, lady, baron, baronesse, duke, dutchess, and other roles in the nobility. These characters would have been out of touch with the peasantry, sometimes to the point of mockery. Media with this type of aristocrat include Downton Abbey, Robin Hood and Macbeth.

Observing the ways aristocrats communicated can help you be in the top 1% of aristocrat talent.

This voice is perfect when you need that classy voice to head up your fancy ad campaign, explainer video, audiobook or any project in between. Luckily for you and your compatriots, we have the finest aristocratic voice over selection in the world. Explore our talented voice actors today.