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ELearning Showcase - Warm, Heartfelt, Natural, Young, Educational

Voice Over • Elearning


eLearning demo with a range of samples and topics. Voice style is warm, natural, young, educational, heartfelt and strong.

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Young Adult (18-35)


British, England - South West (Cornwall, Devon, West Country)


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we all know that sepsis is a life threatening infection that infects millions of people around the world. Sepsis doesn't only affect adults. It can have devastating consequences for Children. To each year, approximately 75,000 Children develop sepsis in the United States alone, Jim's were closed. Outdoor sports venues were closed, leading everyone to create their own home gyms. And if you're like me who spent hours trying to create the perfect physique, then you know how important fitness is. So tell me, what kind of home Jim do you have in Bitcoins case, Blockchain is used in a decentralised way, so that means no single person or group has control. In fact, all users collectively remain in control. I know it's complicated, but let's take a deep dive into it. With online classes being the norm now is too much Internet access safe for our Children? Are you able to control what your child watches on the Internet? While education is important, how can you monitor your child so it doesn't wander off to something else on the Internet? There are plenty of online models available for everyone to get Corona virus awareness training. They are designed to explain to everyone that it's your personal responsibility in reducing the risk of Corona virus and preparing you for safety measures every organisation is taking while making coffee for everyone. This morning, Sharon accidentally spilled hot coffee on her hands and now has severe burn marks on her skin. Her colleague Sally was quick on her feet and got the emergency first aid box right away. She treated her wounds and applied the pain relief ointment and covered the burn marks with bandages.