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Warm, Calm, Caring, Engaging, Professional - E-Learning/Learning/Development Demo.

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Warm, Engaging, Caring, Professional, Calm. E-Learning, Learning, Development demo.

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Young Adult (18-35)




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Jonasson, John's e learning demo. Now take the left hose and attach it to the main body of the compressor. Make sure it is sealed correctly, and it's not leaking any fluid. Now this is correctly fitted. You can now test the machine. Breast the yellow button on the front to prime the device green to start the test. Welcome to Project Stage five. You can easily find other stages if you press the back button on the left hand side of the screen. All tests and stages can be viewed again. If necessary. Place the talks Screw on the upper left hand side of the device. This is the only place it will fit, so don't worry too much about using an incorrect fitting. It should be a snug fit, so turn until tight and continue on to the next stage.