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Welcome to the Getty Museum. In the next few minutes we'll give you a glimpse of the works of art here and how the museum is organized. Hi, I'm gail your personal guide together with my whoa. I'd like to welcome you to one of the wonders of the world Today. I'll accompany you through piazza Navona, which is one of the most legendary places in Rome. You are now in what is in many respects, the true heart of the city, a baroque square created above the remains of an imperial building, a mixture of magnificence and popular sentiment where the past gets confused with the present. Okay, now take a look across the road there stands the Miramonte Mosque. First off, we'll visit that mosque and its social complex, which was built by Emperor Suleiman, the magnificent for his beloved daughter. Then we'll make a stop at the shrine of the famous Sufi mentor that taught to seven Ottoman empires and led the empire to its golden days. ST Mahmoud, who die from fine pottery created during the ming dynasty to japanese wood block prints east asian art history is rich in diversity. Please follow me through the gritty skid row of London's east end in the end of the 19th century, we'll head south toward Vallance Road on our way to the second victim, Annie Chapman in the mid 19th century Britain experienced an influx of Irish immigrants who swelled the populations of the major cities. We shared our food and our land and gave with open hearts. We wanted peace and love and hope, but all were torn apart. All this was taken because we did not know what the white man had in store. They killed our people and took our lands and the buffalo roam no more.