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Godwin Marcelle Tutorial NPC Demo Reel

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Voice Over • Videogames


A Demo Reel of a Tutorial NPC, in a slightly more natural, if leaning a bit into the natural femininity of my voice.

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Young Adult (18-35)


Australian, England - Yorkshire & Humber


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all right. In this day memorial, I shall be playing the role of a tutorial. NPC or tutorial fairy. This is going to be done purely in my natural voice. And I shall be leaning into the femininity thereof in it. Right. Let's get to it. Hello, and welcome to realms of conquest. I'm real the help of fairy. Let's get you started Safety advantage And all kinds of secret diaries are always just a hop skip and a jump away Oh, dear. A nasty little fellow has appeared in our way to attack you Just up. You got him before I even told you how good job I'm going to guess This isn't your first character in this game. To speak to an NPC, you simply have to click on him. Try it now. Good. A little bit of chat and never hurt anyone do. You don't have to keep clicking on me. It's fine. You really want to chat with me, don't you? How kind We really must be moving on, though. Ah, fine. So how's your day been? You are really intent on exhausting all my dialogue here, aren't you? I used to say there was no achievement for it, but they have since added one. So here you go. There's no more dialogue for clicking on me. Let's go. There's no more dialogue for clicking on me. Let's go. There's no more dialogue for clicking on me. Let's go. And that's where our journey together ends. Fair traveller see at the holiday events.