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a star is born when a significant amount of matter is accumulated, compressed and heated, creating a nuclear reaction that converts it into energy. That same energy provides us with life reflected in 5% of the world's biodiversity and concentrated in such a small but comprehensive fragment of land, a stellar nature that impels us in all the elements. Water source of light, wind, source of power fire that moves us like the energy of our volcanoes that connects us as a creative force and that energy moves us to work together. From here, we open the borders to space breaking language barriers and geographical limitations to be transported to unimaginable worlds. We are pioneers, innovators, sustainable and are aware that our primary value is human talent. Bright as the sun. Our education is a benchmark and allows us to open up to the world an exchange of knowledge that enriches and connects. We are preparing to face the new challenges of an ever changing global society. Nothing can stop us. That same energy drives us to advance, bringing new dreams and possibilities. Hope and our diverse land. Visitors find health, beauty and comfort. Recovery is based on wonder And while nature defines us, one thing remains within our peaceful and enterprising essence. The hope to inspire the world to see new stars being born essential. Costa Rica, talented by nature.