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Top 10 Shocking Predictions from Family Guy
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family guy predictions that will shock you. Family Guy is notorious for making intensely shocking celebrity jokes, but what's even more shocking is that sometimes the jokes turn out to be true. Creator Seth Macfarlane either has Intel in the Hollywood world. Or maybe he's an incredible slick Rick. So does he know more than he seems? Or is it that he can see into the future? In today's video, we break down some of the most shocking family guy predictions that actually came true as well as a potentially new prediction at the end of the video. So make sure you watch till the end. Don't go anywhere. Robin Williams in the episode Family Guy Viewer mail to Brian and Stewie are responding to fan mail, which leads to one segment called Fat Man and Robin, in which Peter is given the power to turn anyone he touches into a character played by Robin Williams. Eventually, Peter is overwhelmed and considers taking his own life numerous times, but thankfully fails on the Great Britain network. BBC three. The episode aired on the 12th of August 2014 moments after the episode went off. The air news breaks that Robin Williams has died from an apparent suicide. The chilling coincidence shocked viewers and ultimately begs the question. Did Seth or the writers? No, Something was amiss. Kevin Spacey in the 2005 episode Don't Make Me Over, Brian Betts, Stewie that he won't take his clothes off and run through the mall suey taking the bet, takes off his clothes and runs through the mall shouting Help! I've escaped Kevin Spacey's basement. 12 years later, on October 29th 2017 of late allegations surface about Spacey inappropriately touching underage boys. Actor Anthony Rapp revealed that when he was 14 a drunk SpaceIy made a sexual advance towards him. After this shocking revelation, 15 more people came forward. Seth Macfarlane stated about this prediction that the joke in the episode was based on rumors that the writers had heard about home Caitlyn Jenner before calling her Caitlin. Bruce Jenner was an accomplished Olympian who won gold in the decathlon for the U. S. A. During the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal, Canada. In the 2009 episode, We Love You, Conrad. Stewie tells Brian that Bruce Jenner is a woman, a beautiful, elegant Dutch woman. This certainly seems like a strange remark until later on. In the episode, Peter introduces Jenner, who was in a feather boa and his 19 seventies athletic gear to a bunch of sailors who go wild. Fast forward to 2015. Jenner announces to Vanity Fair that she has been undergoing transitions since the eighties, but it was never public knowledge. We can't help but think McFarlane had to have known something otherwise. It is yet another eerie coincidence. Katie Holmes. It's always been speculated that Katie Holmes was in a turbulent relationship with Tom Cruise due to his position in the cult. I mean Scientology religion. In the episode, Lois Kills Stewie, which aired in 2007. Stewie sneaks into the C I A and shuts off the power. This leads to one locking a chain attached to Katie Holmes Ankle, who screams I'm free assaults. Tom, using their daughter, jumps out of the window and then releases all of Tom's *** prisoners. In 2012 Holmes filed for divorce, with some sources stating that she was afraid of losing her daughter to the Scientology cult. Religion, Religion Hello, I'm not being a suppressive person hoof. That was close. Brett Ratner. Brett Ratner was the director who brought US X Men the last stand. So for some, there is already a strong dislike for him. In the episode, Lego, My Meg, Oh, Brian and Stewie end up in an auction where rich men pay for beautiful women. Stewie, dressed up as a woman, is then seen at the auction a bit, this place for $75,000 on Stewie, with the auctioneer applying Thank You, Brett Ratner. Brian subsequently makes a bid of $500,000 to rescue Stewie. In November 2017 The L. A Times publishes a story about six women who accused Ratner of sexual harassment, including Ellen Page, Natasha Henstridge and Olivia Munn. Okay, Boston Marathon. In the episode Turban Cowboy that aired in March 2013 Peter makes a new friend called Mahmoud and also considers converting to Islam. In one scene, it shows, Peter won the Boston Marathon with his car. Also in the episode, anytime Peter makes a phone call, a bomb went off less than a month after this episode aired at 2:49 p.m. On the 117th annual Boston Marathon, two homemade devices went off close to the finish line. Five people died while several 100 were injured. Fox pulled the episode from its website and rerun rotation. **** Cheney. On the 11th of February 2006 then Vice President **** Cheney accidentally shot Harry Whittington, a 78 year old Texas attorney, during a quail hunt on a Texas ranch. In the 2007 episode, Meet the Quagmires, Peter meets death and they go back to a point before he met and married Lois, who is married to Quagmire. Giggity. In this same timeline, Cheney has accidentally shot Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia in a hunting accident on the 13th February 2016. Scalia passed away in his sleep on a Texas Franch and had spent the previous day quail hunting, though it stated he died from natural causes almost 10 years to the day when Cheney shot someone and nine years before Scalia passed away. What are the chances Alumina T confirmed Charlie Rose in the episode The New Adventures of Old Tom, that aired on May 2016 local news anchor Tom Tucker gets demoted and replaced by a younger, more attractive anchor. This leads to lowest paying more attention to the news, and this makes Pita jealous. So Peter decides to help Tom get his job back. But things obviously mess up and Tom gets fired. Lois undermines Peter for trying to help who then replies. Thanks to me, he's fallen even further than Charlie Rose At the time. Charlie Rose was a popular anchor for CBS News, however. In November 2017 accusations of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior among female employees hit the headlines, and he was removed by the CBS network. Rose issued an apology and admitted he behaved insensitively around his female co workers, Barry Manilow. In the episode back to the Woods, Peter and his close friends attend a Barry Manilow concert, even getting front row seats. Quagmire jumps on the stage, with Manilow quickly changing the lyrics to his iconic song, Mandy to Quagmire, looking seductively into his eyes as he sings. It was pretty hot. Giggity indeed, my friend Gigi. Indeed, on April 2017 Manilow told People magazine that he was *** and married to his long time manager. He kept it secret because he didn't want to disappoint his hordes of female fans. Bill Cosby in the 2001 episode, Brian Does Hollywood. Stewie plans to take over the world by going on the show kids say, little dog displays and unleashing a mind control device. The host of the show, Barrel Cosby, then steal Stewie's hypnotic glasses and foils his plot. In January 2004. Andrea Constand, an employee at Temple University, accuses Cosby of having been drugged and sexually assaulted. His conviction in 2008 for the incident also meant that he was one of the first celebrities to be jailed during the me to era that originated in 2006 and that led to many more women coming forward. 60 to be exact. Future Prediction. Invasion of Iran in this episode, baby Not on board that aired on Second of November 2008. The family are heading on a trip to the Grand Canyon and end up at ground zero in New York. Brian explains to Peter, who caused the tragedy on Lee for Peter to reply. So you're saying we need to invade Iran on the sixth of January, 2020. President down. Did Trim threatens to hit 52 Iranian targets if Tehran retaliates over the death of their top general