2023 Political Commercial (Positive, Progressive, Inspiring, Critical)

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The rule of law Republicans pretend to believe in it. But their actions say otherwise, expulsion of political opponents from the Tennessee House and the former president himself attacking the family of the judge trying his criminal case. He doesn't just go after the judge. Donald Trump is also attacking Alvin Bragg's wife, the rule of law for Republicans. It only matters when it's convenient. He believes in the progressive values that make Marylyn great in Congress, Jamie Raskin has fought for LGBT Q Plus rights and Jamie Raskin backed the investigation into the January 6th insurrection. When Donald Trump sent out his tweet, he became the first president to call for a crowd to block the constitutional transfer of power on election day. It's an easy call, vote to re elect representative Jamie Raskin. She's a disgrace despite shooting after shooting Lauren Bober clings to her gun toting fantasies of sedition and rebellion. No matter how much blood is spilled, gun free zones are the most dangerous places in our country. The second amendment is absolute and it's here to stay. Visit Colorado Dems dot org today and find out how you can help defeat Lauren Bot facts matter when they're distorted and voters act on falsehoods. We all suffer. Call your Congress person, tell them you support stopping the spread of misinformation on social media because we all deserve the truth. Snakes in the grass like cold blooded reptiles House Republicans, Marjorie Taylor, green Matt Gates, Jim Jordan and head cover, Kevin mccarthy slither from one phony investigation to the next trying to sell their lies to America and now they're threatening the Manhattan D A who indicted the biggest snake of all Donald Trump democrats call it an excuse for judiciary chair, Jim Jordan and other house Republicans to undermine Bragg's prosecution of Trump. Wake up America because nobody likes snakes in the people's house.