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    Lawyer Voices

    The lawyer is a character who represents clients in the judicial system, whether it is in court or at an office writing contracts. The lawyer character is well educated, detail oriented, persuasive and has good communication skills. The lawyer character is hard working, and does his or her best to ensure his or her client has the best outcome in a legal dispute. The lawyer character is a good listener and a critical thinker, who can quickly come up with possible solutions and explanations, or mutually beneficial agreements with opposing parties. There are several types of lawyer characters, with distinctions in both fields and the environment they work in.

    The courtroom lawyer character is a bold speaker, and asks pointed, concise questions to get the answers needed to achieve the revelation of the truth, and to help his or her client in a case. Courtroom lawyer characters are quick to call out objections, and have a robust understanding of the law, applicable exceptions, and grounds to object. Courtroom lawyer characters ask both defence and prosecution witnesses for facts in a polite yet authoritative manner. Courtroom lawyer characters are logical; and aim to convey a flowing narrative, creating a foundation for further questioning, and setting facts straight for evidence purposes. Courtroom lawyer characters are excellent presenters, and present their view of the case both in opening and closing statements, following court procedures. Ultimately, these characters work hard to either prove a burden of proof, or introduce enough doubt to protect his or her clients.

    The office lawyer character often spends much of his or her time doing paperwork for clients, factoring in preferences or demands to a contract, and serving it to the other party after many revisions. The office lawyer character is attentive to detail and works to subtly work demands into contracts, whether they be for mergers, liability contracts, family law contracts or real estate ownership.

    Some lawyer characters are not as honourable, and can show up as corrupt or deceptive characters, willing to lie or mislead the jury to make sure his or her guilty client is found innocent. The dishonourable lawyer character may fabricate different theories of a crime, even accusing others of committing it without adequate proof, or blaming the victim for the wrongdoing. This dishonest or scummy character is found most often in the crime genre, though there are also real life recordings of lawyers who were later revealed to be corrupt.

    The lawyer character can be seen in many settings and forms of media, both real and fictional. The lawyer character can be seen in movies and television shows in the law, crime and documentary genres, as well as in finance and court settings. The lawyer character can also be observed in various real life recordings of court cases, such as live coverage on court cases, which can be seen on YouTube or the news. Similarly, the lawyer character can be seen in previous recordings of older cases, representing his or her client(s). By mastering presentation and argument skills, expanding your vocabulary, and maintaining a calm but focused tone, you can voice a lawyer character in a perfected manner!