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Wildlife documentary, Quirky short, Humanitarian, Art doc, Scientific.

Voice Over • Documentaries


PBS Wildlife documentary , Quirky wry documentary, Voice for 1930s Movie star doc , New York historical museum narration, science museum narration

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Middle Aged (35-54)


Canadian, North American


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perhaps more than other kinds of foxes like arctic or swift red foxes are masters at figuring out how to change and adapt their behavior to survive a remarkable skill that's helping them move into new territory. This is a scope a tone. These are virtues. These are letters of an iconic San Francisco sign that once lived high above mission and 17th street. These are films, lots and lots of films introducing Mesaba, a local solution to a local problem. Using local businesses, cassava is a swahili acronym that spells Matthew to a silly yeah, vitamin E. Did you ever come to a place and instantly recognize it as your ultima Thule? The one spot in all God's world where you belonged For nearly 40 years, the Jackie Robinson Foundation has not only helped educate thousands of deserving college students, but also nurtured the legacy of an american icon. Alberta was underwater for much of the paleozoic era when the lime stones forming turtle Mountain were deposited during the beginning of the Mesozoic era. Alberta was alternately above and below water.