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Environmental, Historical, Archeological, Indigenous, Dramatic.

Voice Over • Documentaries


A compilation of documentary samples including the environmental history of Richmond, historical, a Poetic documentary on the Shenandoah valley, Narration for a museum exhibit of ancient Persia, a brooding voice over for a documentary about Danté, Indigenous history, American Immigration history.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


Canadian, North American, US West Coast (California, Portland)


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do you know what this is? This is sphagnum moss and it is thousands of years old believe it or not, it is shaped everything around us. Much of Richmond is in fact built on sphagnum moss, a key building block for bogs and wetlands. I live and have lived for thousands upon thousands of years and I have lain my bounty at your feet. My lands hold within the trees that flower mountains formed by layers upon layers 2500 years ago in what is now southern Iran stood an ancient city of awe inspiring beauty. Built by powerful kings. It served as the ceremonial capital of accumulated Persia, the largest empire of its time. Today we know it as Persepolis starting out on the night before good friday in the spring of 1300 finishing the following Wednesday three days after easter the lost and bewildered pilgrim Dante in the hallucinatory, almost cinematically vivid action of the poem will be guided through **** and purgatory by the shade of the towering literary forebear. He revered most the great roman poet Virgil Aloni. Interview before recorded time. The alone people inhabited this region after they and their culture were nearly extinguished. They fought their way back today descendants of the bologna who lived in santa clara Valley are leading cultural workshops, giving presentations in public institutions and revitalizing the language. Today she is ooh arrived here in 18 97 from japan and found work at the Los Altos Hills Ranch of William m griffin, a principle of the del Monte fruit packing company, Isuzu became the ranch foreman overseeing japanese immigrant laborers working in the orchards. In addition, he helped build and maintain the estates. Japanese style teahouse, pond and garden. Issa's wife, Haruna Ishimatsu, came from japan by way of an arranged marriage. The couple lived at the ranch where she cared for the field workers bunkhouse, cooked and cleaned. The couple had four sons.