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    Diva Voices

    The diva is a female character. The idea of a diva varies heavily in the context it is used. It is derived from the Latin word “diva”, which means “goddess”. In contemporary speech, a diva can either be a label for a difficult, temperamental, emotional and demanding woman, or it can mean a highly adored celebrity, especially in the realms of acting and singing, that may have some attributes of vanity or high views of herself.

    The diva in the celebrity sense is a confident, creative, affable, sometimes self-absorbed, popular, successful and talented woman. This character can often be seen singing, acting or speaking in interviews. The more insulting or blunt usage of the word diva is applied to women who are never satisfied with what they have, demand more, see themselves as the most important people in all situations, and are quick to anger, frustration and upset. There may be an overlap between these two diva characters.

    The diva is commonly seen in today’s music and film scenes, with several artists referring to themselves as divas, or being labelled one by the media. Examples of women with the diva title are Mariah Carey, who has been referred to as an “ultimate diva”, Celine Dion and Beyonce. To see how divas speak, act and perform, observe the work of, and interviews with, female artists who are called, or call themselves, divas. In doing so, you can learn to model the attitudes and behaviours of divas to become an ultimate diva yourself.