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Welcome to the lab you're in for an exciting time as a junior technician actually you're in for a lot of tedium and scrubbing of vials and surfaces, but let's not focus on that right now let's focus on the research baboons humanely treated of course. Who are throwing their Yeah, that at you. We didn't say you would be humanely treated. Okay, click forward. And let's talk about the health and pension benefits that make up for being the target of monkey poo. Welcome to our employee learning portal and our all new interactive diversity equity and inclusion course. It will teach you what you can do to proactively support diversity and inclusion in the workplace and covers identities and perspectives, unconscious bias, microaggressions and forms of exclusion. All music has rhythm in musical phrases. Rhythm is made up of all the long and short sounds in a phrase. Have you ever heard the ticking of an old fashioned clock? The steady ticktock ticktock is like a musical beat. Let's clap along and count the ticking. 12, 3, 4. Well done jane. I understand you pushed joseph start date back by two weeks. Is this because of the recent covid exposure in the office? Actually, yes, I didn't want to put him at extra risk because he's a bit older. I understand your intentions were good, but by moving his start date rather than discussing what options he would prefer given the situation, you violated the age discrimination and employment act because you made assumptions based solely on his age, in general relativity. We not only introduced the Einstein field equations for the metric, but we also introduced the field bind formalism with the spin connection, because that is the formalism used in modern classical and quantum gauge field theories.