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Scientific Lab Instructions

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Here is sample of a professor's lesson to a group of scientists.

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Hello. Hello all calm down please. Good evening everyone. My name is dr Turtle and the SCP we will be discussing today is SCP 7001 object class cater special containment procedures. SCP 7001 is to be contained in a chamber no smaller than 10 by 12 square feet composed of a 15 inch thick graphene based reinforced with a signature blend of nickel based super alloys to resist heat. Silicone carbide to absorb energy. Long's delight to maintain temperatures and structural integrity in nitrile a co polymer, also known as one of the strongest rubbers in the chamber manufacturing process. The wall blend should be poured in a layered format and only after the application of one inch thick nylon sheets on each portion of the wall. The entire wall is then to be coated in a hardening solution Giving the chamber a gas permeability value of zero air will be fed into the chamber through the ground via the carbon nanotubes which have proven to be small enough for the administration of air to the chamber while still proving difficult for SCP 7001 to get through. In order to deter SCP 7001. Even further, a large chamber of superheated concentrated sulfuric acid is to be placed underneath SCP 700 one's chamber as well as to self automated vacuum units. And a 24 hour surveillance of SCP 700 one's chamber. Access to the chamber is available through the front door which is composed of the same mixture with 20 steel bolts on each side blast shields designed to handle nuclear warheads, Seven locks, as well as a passcode recognition and fingerprint identification due to the numerous requests. SCP 7001 chamber is outfitted with a functional wifi, a television, an office chair, a desk, a playstation five console and an iphone 10 activity is monitored on all of these devices extensively, and the Class D personnel assigned to bring SCP 7001 food and water each day must be supported by at least one researcher with Class B access, as well as a mobile task force trained and well researched on SCP 700 ones. Anomalous properties and must check each device in the chamber for possible tampering or secret code transference. Immediately report all findings to the site director.