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40 years ago today, Cats opened on broadway. The musical was based on the poetry collection, Old possum's book of practical cats by T. S Eliot. The musical's original London production ran for 21 years with almost 9000 performances. Welcome to san Diego, home of America's most elite military unit, The Navy seals. Every Navy seal endures the same grueling training. The very best of the best. A young elephant takes its first wobbly steps after birth in the heart of Kilimanjaro named after its majestic mountain. Also the highest peak in all of africa, this little elephant will enjoy all that the region has to offer that connect the circle of life in Kilimanjaro. Other inhabitants of this beautiful Heartland are lions, cheetahs, the striped hyena giraffes and an assortment of bird creatures such as the eagle and the hawk, all of which will influence the life of our little friend. Mr Hastings filed his first article the same saturday that Vice President Cheney shot a man in the face with a shotgun. He wrote a gossip column under a pseudonym. It's a job he took to pay the bills, pay his writing dues, developed style, deadlines. The fieldwork walking knocking on doors. He loved the grittiness. However, he was embarrassed by the content. Imagine yourself eating prosciutto with burrata. Caprese and carbonara argentine while sipping vinnie rossi di multiple Ciano and emilia Romania or having pan con tomate Karaca hormone. So while sipping temporary Ribera de duero in Malaga Spain. I watched roughly 75 movies about journalists Kirk Douglas and ace in the hole and Sam Waterston in the year of Living Dangerously, which was about Vietnam Julian assange and wikileaks, robert Duvall played reporter max mercer in the natural who was responsible for thrusting Roy hobbs into the spotlight. A happy dog is always right here in this moment. Tongue out, tail, wagging me like, like, like, like, like a happy dog isn't living in the abstract. A happy dog isn't worried about ambition. A happy dog is pure joy. Those magnificent journalistic words. The rat, a tat tat of the keyboard. The who what, where, when, why? How? Mr Hastings though, was a man of his time when it was important for a reporter to be revered as well known as the story. It wasn't just that general McChrystal was brought down, but it was scrappy rolling stone reporter Michael Hastings who had the scoop