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A first person documentary about Jean Harlowe. Reflective and introspective study & research historical figure Hollywood Noir Mystery grounded down-to-earth relaxed delivery captivating credible endearing deep insightful honest trusting soothing narrator textured witty worldly sophisticated teacher

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jean. Harlow was a somebody to some but a nobody to me. I had heard the name but I didn't believe the story because it's Hollywood and it's about an actress told in the land of Storytellers floating around with the angels. Harley and carpenter became jean Harlow a name. She poor loin from her mother which wherever gave them the nicknames mama jean and baby Gene. As they filmed redheaded lady, baby jean clung to the soft and open hunter Burn like the father she never knew they fell in love because baby jean had met the first man who wanted her for her mind. She left to sit at Burns feed or in the shades while he read to her a wide array of books and softly whispered romantic daydreams of lives unknown to her while she allowed him to dote on her so he could mourn his mother's recent death. Burn built a custom house hidden in the remote hills of Benedict Canyon that he gave the baby Gene when they married. She loved that beautiful house with its pool servants and so sunsets that stretched to infinity. But for all the reasons Burn love, the lack of civilization and sound. It became too isolating for baby jean after being passed around playing the role of daughter husband, divorce, a drunk **** victim and trophy girl. Baby jean wanted to flaunt her newfound self reliance with the world and the world lived in Hollywood, not in Benedict Canyon. The story goes that Burn and baby jean lived alone in Benedict Canyon with a few servants who lived in their own houses on the property on the night of Bern's death. There was the usual arguing coming from inside the house, a crying baby jean left to stay the night at her mother's in Beverly Hills. Later, a gunshot was heard the next morning Byrne was found naked and dead in his bathroom from a gunshot wound to his right temple and a 38 caliber pistol in his right hand. House servants found him first and called the MGm trinity Thalberg lb and Eddie Mae arrived and were there for several hours before the police. MgM later issued a statement saying that Bern had committed suicide because he was ashamed of his impotence, made especially worse because he was married to the world's biggest sex symbol. A suicide note was produced a few days later, house servants also stated that they found broken glass drops of blood and a wet swimsuit near the swimming pool. That's it in a nutshell, a nutshell nibbled by squirrels, leaving lots of holes.