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I was the guest on several podcasts. I was interviewed on a range of topics in which I am considered an expert or have a specific perspective. I was asked to inform and inspire the audience to improve themselves, lifestyles, performance, writing, nutrition and health. Very natural.

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I don't understand about the term foodie. Like does that mean just people that who like food? Like then I'm a foodie. I love food? Like, and I love really good food. So does that make me a foodie? Uh you know, it's like my wife wants to like make a sandwich, but she's got to toast the bread and then lay out the hummus and cut the cheese. And I'm just like, you know, sometimes I just want to eat, I want a burrito and I think that that makes me not a foodie. I I think that that that just makes me someone who enjoys food when it's phenomenal. It's really only about 100 years old. I'm probably two or three people away from the origin of what method acting is as we know it today. You know, the twenties, the big bold, the jazz age. And they said, look, we're tired of things that are false in our art. We want true art to not judge, just be presentational, but to be creating something that is real and authentic. So real people in a stage or having real moments, They are creating their art in front of you. I'm making the painting right now. It's a very good question. I for me personally, I think the best time to create is in the morning. First thing in the morning is when I'm closer to a dream state. So I'm probably closer to my actual, you know, soul. The part of me that exists, you know, before, before my identity starts to come in between um awake state and dream state. And so I'm probably getting closer to the pure source now in speech world, they'll say, you want to Are you persuading? Are you informing? Those are general terms for a type of speech? If I want to persuade people to eat almond butter instead of peanut butter, I want to convince them. I want to enlighten them. I want them to see the difference. I want them to love almond butter. I want them to despise peanut butter. These are all actions that you can take in your speech more than general wash of persuade. That is what you're doing, and as long as you're doing something, you are engaged.