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Samples of appearances on various podcasts as guest host. I was expected to engage in discourse on topics in which I knew very little or nothing. Interesting, knowledgeable, and funny, plus engage with guest. At times, I was able to deliver personal insight/expertise on specific topics I knew deeply

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Welcome to the first episode of the amazing travel podcast. In this episode, we'll be traveling to new Zealand chatting it up with some locals, meet some members of new Zealand's indigenous people. The Meharry and take an audio tour of the picturesque landscapes where the Epic Lord of the Rings trilogy was filmed. New Zealand is clean green and the undisputed crowning jewel of the southern hemisphere that people don't really talk about is developing the speech and what we really want when we give a speech is the authenticity. And if we start with authenticity, Then we don't have to manufacture or create authenticity. We don't have to think of something or memorize something. If we start with that, then that's what the speech will end up being. And it's a very simple process. Okay to excavate the region's relatively recent rise to fame and glory belies its long history of winemaking, which dates back at least as far as the 12th century when monks of the car through Z. In order established the cartoon or priory of Scholar Day and planted vineyards there. The monasteries ruins can still be visited today and the seemingly original vines still hug the hillsides below viticulture and wine production under the monks grew in the 18th and 19th centuries. Don't you hate it when you want to go on vacation, but you just don't have the time to plan your getaway. We've solved that little problem for you and then some visit our website to take full advantage of our complimentary travel logs and destination guides. You can even book discount airfares, hotel and your rental car all on our site. Simple, inexpensive and fast shouldn't everything be like this. What you're really talking about there, of course, is burrata mozzarella cheese. It's the creamiest, freshest cheese that um, a few places here in Los Angeles will take it, uh, they'll fly it in from parts of Italy. The best apparently is from Puglia in southern Italy, which is the heel of the boot. A rough place to live. Uh, A lot of strong people historically are livin polio because it's a difficult place to live, but in great difficulty comes great beauty. And burrata mozzarella cheese is definitely one of those.