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    Farmer Voices

    The farmer is a character who grows crops or livestock in a rural setting. The farmer is a simple man or woman who works with his or her hands. The farmer is patient, self sustaining, humble, and full of hands-on experience. Depending on the role, the farmer may also be in a managerial and sales role, with extra knowledge and responsibility in those fields.

    Farmers are broken into two main roles, with the farmer title meaning either a farm owner or manager, the accurate definition of farmer, and the farm labourer, who works on a farm but does not own or manage it. The farm manager makes executive decisions on how the farm operates, and generally has more knowledge on both common sense farming techniques as well as acquired skills such as good management, success with sales, meeting logistical demands and managing the finances of the farm. Farm labourers are more focused on the monotonous work of planting, watering, growing and harvesting crops, as well as rearing and raising of animals. The farm labourer may be less educated, though still maintain common sense and other admirable traits such as patience, perseverance and a good work ethic.

    The farmer can be seen in various forms of media, ranging from fictional movies and television shows to instructional videos and documentaries. To see the more technical and occupational side of the farmer’s character, watch agricultural instruction videos to catch a glimpse of the terminology used by farmers and practicality of the farmer and his or her techniques. For a look at the cultural rural background of the farmer character, watch TV shows like Little House on the Prairie and Heartland, or movies like Field of Dreams. By observing these farmer characters in action, you, too, can grow your farmer voice.