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Latest voice over demo of only a few of the many characters I can perform.

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Senior (55+)


North American


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Hey everybody, welcome to tonight's ball game between the Toronto blue jays and the Baltimore Orioles here from Camden yards in Baltimore. It's the bottom of the ninth inning. Three moles, two strikes, bases loaded for Joaquin and Newhart. Big swag at a messy, struck him out with my new mega teakettle destructor. Everyone in disaster ville will bow down to me as their supreme T lord. Hey mom, check out my new treehouse. I made it myself, isn't it? Fantabulous. It's got a kitchen, a swimming pool, an elevator and even a football stadium, isn't it? Cool. So are you gonna work today? Bad gravity, Too strong. Also, my horoscope tells me I'll wake up, talk for a bit and go back to sleep. I wanted to tell Martha how I felt, but back when I was a youngster, we didn't have fancy cell phones, we wrote letters, but when I sent her mind, she never wrote me back here. You can have my BLT salad for lunch. Just don't, just don't eat me because oh yeah, okay. It's getting bones. That's not very nutritious. There's this really nice pair of pants that I wanted to buy, but they are too big and too fat. Maybe I'm really skinny. This monday night coming up in the gardens, we're going to have a grudge match, but not just a grudge match. We're going to have a battle royale