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    Mad Scientist Voices

    Need a voice that can cook up one crazy concoction? A mad scientist voice can be mischievous, evil and cynical. Maybe you're needing a goofy mad scientist voice for an animated series, or you could be looking for a lonely mad scientist, who's finally talking to the outside world. No matter what kind of mad scientist you're looking for, you can find it here.

    The mad scientist is an intelligent person who runs ethically questionable experiments and has little regard as to what the outcome of their experiments could be. The mad scientist is bold in their experimentation, yet hides it from prying eyes, being rather secretive. The mad scientist is also quite insane, having a mania in their voice, especially when their experiments yield results. The mad scientist may know they are attempting to play God, but not care about or understand the ramifications of their actions.

    The mad scientist could also simply be an eccentric scientist who does not perform evil actions, but rather be driven to continue experiments after many failures. Some famous scientists who would fall into this category would be Thomas Edison, who repeated his lightbulb experiments at least a thousand times before he got the results he desired, or Nikola Tesla, who had many ideas which bordered on absurdity.

    The mad scientist character has a degree of madness, high intelligence and an intellectual tone to his or her speech. This character is often more introverted and more likely to avoid socialization. Regardless of whether the character simply has unconventional beliefs paired with high dedication to one’s work, or is attempting to play God, the mad scientist is a mysterious and intriguing character to voice.