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Rugged - High Energy - Warm - Real Person - Relatable

Voice Over • Video Narration


This demo showcases my strong ability to be very Conversational , Casual , Real Person , Friendly , Believable , Approachable , Dude , Relatable.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


North American, US Mid-Atlantic


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don't let the attention to detail lead you to believe that a Honda is a delicate machine. Mm You'd be wrong underneath every surface that carries a Honda badge. There's always been the capacity to amaze collect combined and customize marvel Avengers, nerve assembler gear. What will you assemble? Be marvel, be more sick as a dog then be a no show and stay out of the loop. Don't crunch the numbers and work inside the box. In other words, if you're sick, stay home from work. That's what we're here for And above all else. It's really what people want from us, the power to make a difference. I'm brian Moynahan and I work for Bank of America. It leads to the room where it happens where greatness is defined where you can finally earn your keep and only a select few get in this room has limited capacity. So who wants it more? A little thing I love about chick fil a's new grilled spicy deluxe. It's that grilled chicken that we all know in love with the grill marks. It's super juicy. The heat, the cheese, the multi grain brioche bun, the flavors just out of this world.