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    Banker Voices

    'Would you like to open an account with us today?' A banker voice is usually confident, professional and diplomatic. They can be used in so many different projects, like audiobooks, elearning, advertisements and more.

    The banker is a worker at a bank, either as an employee or an executive. The banker is intelligent and analytical, with a passion for numbers. Bankers also have integrity, acknowledging how important a job they have, and how much trust has been placed in them to manage funds for people with little and with much. Bankers are often organized, recognizing no detail as too small, and avoiding error as much as possible.

    Bankers communicate well, engaging their customers in a friendly way. Bankers also watch out for fraud and warn a customer when something is wrong in a calm manner. Similarly, bankers make judgement calls on whether a loan or an investment is sound, and communicates this to the customer. Regardless of how the client reacts, the banker tries to make the client feel comfortable and confident they are in good hands.

    Bankers may also need to adapt quickly, especially if they are on call with investors, businesses or other clients who may make requests at any time. Being able to quickly change plans and help clients is important.

    Whether it is a call with a client or an in person meeting with someone opening an account, the banker must use all of his or her skills to ensure clear, honest and prudent conversations take place in a quick paced environment. Incorporating these traits into discussions, paired with financial jargon, is sure to sell your banker voice!

    Many financial institutions will use the voice of a banker for their ad campaigns, as they represent the face and identity of the bank. Explore our unbelievable selection of banker voices for your next project.