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Cisco Wae is configured with Cisco Woz software Support. A number of s NMP management information base is some of the SNM PM I bees are owned and managed by Cisco and others are industry standard M IV's that are broadly accepted throughout the networking and systems community. The first step in troubleshooting W CCP version to network interception issues is to examine the state of W CCP on the W. C. C P server. Used the Show I P W CCP Command to examine the global W CCP configuration and statistics. Common issues with SIFs optimization include SMB signing on servers or clients. Roaming user profiles may not be cashed, so performance for large profiles may be poor. VM Ware view allows I t departments to manage desktops and applications from the data center in Rdp over SSL. The VM Ware View client connects to the V. D M Connection server if the require SSL option is unchecked on the V. D M Connection server and the View client