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    Barber Shop Quartet Voices

    'When the sun goes to rest! Goes to rest..." There's something special about the harmonious tune of a good barber shop quartet. The chipper melodies bring you back to a simple style of entertainment.

    The barbershop quartet is a collection of four singers, usually male, who usually sing songs known as polecats, but other songs in the barbershop style can be sung as well. The barbershop quartet sings a cappella, or without instrument, working as a group to harmonize and create pleasing music.

    The four roles in a barber quartet encompass three vocal ranges and a lead singer. The general rule is to have two tenors, one of which is the main singer, a baritone, and a bass. The lead carries the melody. The lead may be a low tenor or a high baritone, but traditionally fall into the former category. The other tenor harmonizes above the lead, usually in a falsetto. This singer generally sings more softly to not overpower the lead. The baritone completes the middle range, usually below, but sometimes slightly above, the pitch of the lead. The bass sings and harmonizes the lower notes.

    The songs sung by the barbershop quartet are usually slower, more relaxed and have a “ringing” sound on the seventh chord. Without any instruments, the vocals take the spotlight and balance each other to create harmony.

    Examples of the most popular barbershop quartet songs are the twelve polecats designated by the Barbershop Harmony Society are On Our Way, Shine on Me and My Wild Irish Rose. Listening to, and practising the singing of, these songs can help you master the singing of the barbershop quartet.

    A barber shop quartet can be used for an advertising campaign, cartoon, or other projects. They are typically used in quirky advertisements or cartoons, poking fun at the old timey outfits and style of musical storytelling. Check out our barber shop quartet voices for your latest project