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    Carnival Barker Voices

    The carnival barker is a character who advertises an event or activity at a carnival, as well as advertising locations. The carnival barker has to grab the attention of people who may be distracted by other events, speaking loudly and clearly. The carnival barker also has to have a strong voice, as the carnival barker historically worked for sixteen hours a day.

    The carnival barker will say odd, intriguing things in an attempt to capture the attention of prospective customers, or at least plant a seed of curiosity in the mind of the passersby. Whether it is a personal invitation to play a game at a stand, such as the classic “Step right up! Step right up!” line, or if it is just reading oddities from the bannerline, the message is intended to resonate with listeners and spark curiosity. Carnival barkers have to speak with confidence and emotion, repeating phrases perfectly to ensure the pitch does not fall flat. Carnival barkers do not always speak loudly to get their point across, sometimes they amplify their speech with emotions, gestures and changes in pitch. The end goal of the carnival barker is to have their message heard, and then let it seep in, all in an eloquent and concise manner.

    Examples of barkers include barker channels on television, which are mostly advertisements made to get your attention with catchy slogans and graphics that will catch your eye. These may be advertising products, or advertising a subscription package to a specific channel or service provider. These barker channels may also exist in the world of radio. Another place to see people trying to sell products and deliver pitches is in the world of infomercials. Studying how the presenter tries to catch your attention and noting the speech patterns used can help you reinforce your own larger-than-life pitches.