Dissecting Medical VO Auditions with Kim Handysides


    Medical narration voice over is known for being both lucrative and challenging, as it is fraught with hard-to-pronounce words and jargon. On this episode of Mission Audition, listen in as Stephanie, Julianna and special guest, Voice Actor and Coach Kim Handysides, put these medical narration voice over auditions under the microscope and prescribe advice on: knowing your audience, how to pronounce medical terminology for various geographies, and how to sound like you have a Bachelors of Science (even if you don’t!).

    Hosts: Stephanie Ciccarelli, Julianna Jones, with special guest, Voice Over Actor and Coach, Kim Handysides

    Inspired? Try out this episode’s voice over script: https://www.voices.com/blog/medical-narration-sample-script

    Mission Audition is presented by Voices.com. Produced and Engineered by Shelley Bulmer; Scripting by Tanya Chopp.


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