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A sample of various animation projects.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General)


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I'm going for the other side of that book. Cover me. Something happens to keep going low, baby. Welcome to the cops. What can I do for you? Come on, baby. Don't be that way. You don't know what you missing. I'm not pulling into a good year. I think the right front tires manageable. Going for baby. Wait! Give me the wire. Yeah. All right, let's get those coordinates entered. Mainframe is back online. Let's take her home. Parted. Mieze, do you mind if I have a look? Give it to me. Give it to me. Gentle now. More beautiful than ever. I don't want your excuses. Once you're royalty. I gave you life. Look around. You don't care about what I've given you. Don't you want to be free? Tell me you're sick of this life. Just say the word. Say it. Even pirates. Before they attacked another ship. Hoist a black flag. I say it's jump on board. Cut them to pieces. My brother. I have no interest in fighting you. But you leave me no choice. I will not let you do this. Surrender her or you will die. If I may, System countdown will commence in 54 three, two, one. Preparing South Destruction mode. I'd advise immediate evacuation. Goodbye, sir. It was a pleasure serving you.