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A Scooby Doo parody by Brad. All characters were voiced by Brad. This clip shows his ability to changes characters and attitudes on the fly. Definitely demonstrating his versatility as a voice actor.

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way. Scary goes cheese. Way, way, right, Go. Whoever e she loses her anywhere. Yeah. Oh, good. I school help looking for a branch? No, Odili. Happy watch. Who happened to be out of there? My well, e that come and make you, uh, come to you Way studio school. I'm so glad you made it. We kill. It was Oh, I know trust may. Look, I think I have this whole thing solved. I looked at all the town records I saw you ready? How did you do that? You just got here, E no. Oh, I know. With peanut butter and jelly. All right, All right, look, look, will run with it. You're the one with experience here. Years of it, actually right they don't have with rocks is yet. Pardon me for interrupting the power. Even know it is touching. What's the outcome? All right, look, I'm just gonna be frank with you here. Look, honestly, this case is the weirdest case I've ever seen. Years of solving for stars. Your cross dresser. Okay, you gotta read pinky fingernail. Women's underwear, all upstairs in your bedroom, folded inside the dresser. And we know what's not some other woman's because you haven't had a girlfriend of 15 years. All right, we know you're dating the mayor, all right? Doing it just to get his money. That's why the town funds have been going down and school be took the liberty of DNA testing the mayor's mustache hairs, and they match positively to your dress dresses in your closet. Plus, you're running an illegal gambling ring in your basement crazy, and you're selling items on E Bay which never even made good for I have a one star rating. Now you're weird. Doorman Mr Personality over there. Yeah, well, he's the evil, one eyed, sloth monstrous terrorizing towns on. And if you look in the front hall closet, you'll find us costume next to your fur coat next to your Gucci bag. He's also stealing your Girl Scout cookies. Surprise, Surprise! If you look in the closet, go find the bag in the back. Now, Finally. And this is the weirdest part of this case. Your professor sex on my space. You're dancing naked in YouTube videos. Ta Madonna. I mean, look, this is just weird enough. At least that last part Everyone has some kind of fun, huh? Yeah, well, it's kind of sick. Yeah. Screw. Now. Ready. You way. Way